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Candela Laser Repair

Reliable. Experienced. Affordable.

Candela makes some of the most reliable and scientifically proven lasers on the market today. Due to their popularity and smart design, American Medical Lasers has mastered the ability to provide complete service for all Candela systems. Despite their near flawless designs, components will age and sometimes fail. Over the years we have found that annual maintenance is crucial to extending the lifespan of these systems. During our troubleshooting process, we request all fault codes which have occurred. This allows us to complete our on-site visit with only one trip- saving valuable time and money.

Candela Lasers We Service

AlexLazr                   GentleLASE Pro          Smoothbeam

Alex TriVantage        GentleYAG                  Quadralase

GentleLASE             GentleYAG Pro            Vbeam

GentleMAX               VP YAG                       Vbeam Perfecta

GMAX Pro                MiniGL                         Elipse



Trained Technicians

Comprehensive Service

Fast Turnaround

Affordable Pricing